Lifelines: The Brain Injury Wellness and Recovery Group

Mission Statement Lifelines: The Brain Injury Wellness and Recovery Group strives to address the various issues that arise during the rehabilitation/recovery period through support, information and education. The group serves to educate its members about brain injury, how to improve brain health and the possibility of recovering brain function. Lifelines also provides an open forum where survivors, caregivers and health care professionals may meet and share their experiences. This exchange allows the group to address quality of life issues.

Philosophy Every individual, whether brain injured or not, has suffered some type of affliction. The emphasis for healing and recovery is not to focus on what has happened but instead to focus on what a person can accomplish in the aftermath of tragedy. What is most important is how a person responds to life’s challenges. We are survivors. We are not victims.

Purpose “For human beings adaptation to change cannot take place through instincts. It has to take place through something called awareness, motivation, free will and the ability to anticipate the future.” Self-Healing: A Personal History, René DuBos from The Healing Brain, A Scientific Reader, Edited by Ornstein/Swencionis

Goals • To assist patients during the rehabilitation/recovery phase of brain injury by providing education about the brain, brain health and the possibility of recovering brain function. • To identify the “silent epidemic” of brain injury and offer a forum for patients and their caregivers to feel supported and find direction during this period of adjustment. • To allow for exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences.


Please Note: After celebrating 10 years of meetings between June 2001 and December 2011, Lifelines stopped meeting effective December 31, 2011. The information posted here is migrated from the original Lifelines blog site and serves as an archive, listing all meeting information, including documents, distributed at the meetings when available.

The archive can be found in two ways:

1.  At

2. Clicking on the Category Brain injury wellness and recovery in the right column. Please feel free to post comments or questions.

NEW: Lifelines is available on Facebook as well as an on-line web forum:!forum/lifelinesdallas

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